The 20 Timeless French Songs of All Time

The 20 Timeless French Songs of All Time

French music has an unmatched richness and diversity. From the emotional to the rhythmic, it offers a unique sensory experience. Let’s explore the 20 best French songs of all time that have left a mark on generations. 1. “La Marseillaise” – Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle Experience the power of the French national anthem, “La … Read more

Setting Clear Goals for Effective French Learning

Embarking on your journey to master the French language is a commendable endeavor. To ensure your efforts yield the desired results, it’s crucial to set clear and effective goals that guide your path. By defining objectives that are specific, achievable, and tailored to your aspirations, you empower yourself to make steady progress and maintain unwavering … Read more

Sustaining long-term motivation in your French learning journey

Sustaining long-term motivation in your French learning journey

Learning a new language like French is an exciting endeavor, but maintaining motivation over the long haul can be challenging. Here, we share strategies to keep your enthusiasm alive throughout your French learning journey. 1. Set Clear Goals: Embarking on your French learning journey begins with establishing specific and inspiring goals that will steer your … Read more

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Learning French

Learning French can be a rewarding journey, but it’s easy to stumble into common pitfalls that hinder your progress. Here, we highlight some frequent mistakes learners make and offer tips to help you navigate the path to French proficiency more effectively. 1. Neglecting Pronunciation: French pronunciation can be tricky, but ignoring it can lead to … Read more

Effective self-study techniques to learn French

Learning a new language can be an exciting and rewarding adventure. If you’re motivated to master French on your own, self-study techniques can help you achieve your language goals effectively. In this article, we explore personal learning strategies that will propel you towards success in learning French. 1. Set Your Goals: Before diving into learning, … Read more

Top 10 french food

French food

French cuisine is one of the best in the world and has even been listed as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Do you like French gastronomy? Discover with the top 10 best French dishes. 1. Tartiflette Tartiflette is made of potatoes, bacon, reblochon cheese and onion and is usually accompanied by a good green … Read more

Some phrases to speak like a french native


1) Tu fais quoi ?  Meaning “What are you doing ?” Tu fais quoi you can also say “Que fais-tu?“, “tu fais quoi maintenant?” “qu’est ce que tu es entrain de faire“ But “Qu’est ce que tu es entrain de faire” can have meaning like : Omg you are doing something wrong like a little … Read more