Talking about sleep in French

Talking about sleep in French

In French there are several ways of saying good night, or of getting ready to go to sleep or to go to bed. Here are several ways to say good night in French.

Preparing for sleeping

There are some phrases and words you can use when you are feeling ready for a sleep:

 Être fatigué (to be tired) ~ Je suis très fatigué après le travail (I’m so tired after work)

 Être épuisé (to be exhausted) ~ Il est épuisé (He is exhausted because of too much sports)

Avoir sommeil (to be sleepy) ~ Mes chats ont sommeils tous les temps (My cats are always sleepy)

Going to sleep

 Dormir (to sleep)

 Se coucher (to go to bed)

Se reposer (to rest)

 S’endormir (to fall asleep) ~ Je m’endors car je suis très fatigué (I fall asleep because I’m so tired)

Faire une sièste (take a nap) ~ Je vais faire une sièste

 Prendre une pause (to have a break) ~ Il prend souvent une pause de son travail pour se reposer à la plage avec son chien (He usually have a pause of his work for resting at the beach with his dog)

Saying goodnight

 Bonsoir (Hello/Good bye/Good evening)

 Bonne soirée (Have a good evening)

 Bonne nuit (Good night)

 Dors bien (Sleep well)

 Faire des beaux rêves (Have a sweet dreams)

 Passer une bonne soirée (Have a pleasant evening)

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