10 ways to say “goodbye” in French

au revoir in french

Today we are going to take a look at the different ways of saying goodbye in french. I’m sure you already know a lot of words 🙂

Au revoir : yes this is the classic. It can be used formally or informally.

à bientôt : formal and informal too. Said when we do not know when we will see our interlocutor again.

Bonne journée / Bonne soirée. It’s a way to end a conversation in any type of situation. These phrases are also used in a formal or informal setting.

Salut : means both “hello” and “goodbye”. Use in an informal setting.

à tout à l’heure : in this case we do not say “goodbye” to the person since we will see them again during the day, a little later.

à tout de suite : this sentence can, for example, be used on the phone: you make a meeting with your interlocutor in the next few minutes.

à demain : formal and informal. We see the person again the next day.

adieu : Usually means you won’t see the person again. But in some French regions, you can say “goodbye” to say goodbye. It’s still rare.

à la prochaine : used in an informal setting and that means we’ll see the person again but we don’t know when.

à plus tard : used more in an informal setting as well, it means that we will see the person again later in the day. We can also say “see you again”. By sms or by email, we will use: A +

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